FOR SALE: Photo shoot auction with Alex

FOR SALE: Photo shoot auction with Alex

Alex is offering a unique shooting experience «on location» right in the heart of Zurich. However, before we start with the actual shoot on the streets, we’re going to turn you into a super model for this (your) very exceptional event.

The making of a star

Before heading for the streets, Alex’s stylist and makeup artist will pamper you at his Fotostudio in Uster. There the stylist will give you tips and tricks and useful suggestions to for carrying off your very own personal style and your hair and makeup will be done as well to fit the occasion.

Where the shooting takes place

The shooting will take place in the so-called blue or magic hours which the photographer calls the time right before sunset. It is this moment when the light is best for taking pictures. This period provides the best shooting conditions as the lights are very colorful, soft and deep purple.

How the actual shooting works

On our walk through the city you will experience a great live show with Alex and his assistant chasing the lights in the best shooting hours of the day. Going after available light sources out on the streets is what makes this shooting so outstanding.

You will receive a full photo and video coverage of all imagery shot by Alex show-casing you in the best light ever. Impress your friends on social media with you looking like a professional model in the pictures taken during this shoot!

What you have to do to win this shoot

This shooting (2-hour shooting and 2-hour makeover) is worth 950.- Swiss francs! However, you could end up paying much less! You can bid for this shooting by placing your offer in the comments section of the Facebook post.

Check the photo auction now!

The highest offer will win the chance to participate. Deadline for final bids is 1st May 2018 at 10pm. For the actual shooting we will arrange a date somewhere between Mai and September 2018. But hurry, such an exclusive opportunity is offered once a year only!

Important notice for the winner of this shoot

Please note that we are going to produce a movie of this shoot as well. The photographer asks you to sign a model release in advance which allows him to use the imagery as well as the video coverage of the shoot in any way to promote his photography business.

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